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Customer Insights

When you need to understand the “mind of the customer”, this independent interaction helps avoid confirmation bias…

Customer Insight is a field that focuses on analyzing market research, acting as a bridge between Research and the Marketing, Product Management and Sales Enablement departments within a company.

It is the intersection between the interests of the Customer and the capabilities of a vendor solution or brand. Its main purpose is to understand why prospective buyers care about certain capabilities or brand values as well as their underlying mindsets, moods, motivation, desires, aspirations that trigger their attitude and actions.


Consultant activity will include but not be limited to;

  1. Identify the challenges and drivers that will provoke interest
  2. Quantify how “Pain of Same” namely status quo is worse than any perceived “Effort to Change” 
  3. Provide commercial insight to a “Mind of Customer” perspective

The suggested starting point for this exercise is to perform background research on a specific buyer persona in the required market segment. In capturing the “Mind of Customer” perspective, the client will better understand problems and challenges relevant to these specific personas.

This initial desk research is validated during selective persona development interviews or surveys, where prospective candidates are engaged to verify interpretation of discovery and any assumptions made at this phase.

A key aspect of this effort, is to map any identified prioritized problems against credible reference sources to quantify negative or positive impacts that support the justification. In parallel we often suggest an assessment of competitive forces, which will focus attention upon high impact addressable problems where competition is less prevalent. This information may then be used to shape messaging in communication campaigns or demand generation efforts.

Bottom line we establish the “Why” a company will change, before we proceed with the “What” & “How” to influence them to change. Subject to agreed scope the findings may result in the production of recommendations regarding “Inbound” & “Outbound” campaign ready content & strategies to engage the market.

Deliverable (subject to scope)

  • Detailed report covering scope findings, observations & recommendations
  • Buyer Persona summary, an amalgamation of all interviews of a specific role
  • Work product relating to “Pain of Same” v “Effort to Change”

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