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Core Services

 Market Engagement is defined as a process that takes place prior, during and continues after a procurement transaction! Our services supplement and enhance in-house operations, focusing in these key areas;

  • Research & Planning; gathering customer insight, evolving value propositions then testing and socializing market messages for resonance!
  • Execution; building campaign ready content, utilizing digital marketing best practice with telesales resource delivering high value outcomes!
  • Coaching & Mentoring; assist with candidate selection, on-boarding and interim management to facilitate sales & marketing operation scale-up!
Matt McKinley - Founding Owner 6T Solutions

Formed in March 2015, the business has evolved from an original concept of aiding smaller European Software companies to enter the North American market. Now extending the offering by utilizing an array of associates from past collaborations to provide a comprehensive Market Engagement service to domestic and international clients.

6T Solutions advantage



If your project timeline and resource capacity is limited, a Communications Campaign package, provides an outcome specific deliverable on schedule and in budget.



Without the distraction of day to day operational interrupts, our Demand Generation service, reaches further faster so aggressive schedules are achieved!



Operating outside of a client organization helps prevent confirmation bias. Our Customer Insight approach, allows us to capture alternate perspective to challenges!

what people say

During an 18 month engagement, many business development activities were performed. A stand-out example being the implementation of a marketing automation platform and subsequent changes to marketing communications that helped transform our demand generation efforts. Also the identification and introduction of a key technology partner.

We worked together on 3 different projects over 6 months, namely a confidential market research exercise, an effort to secure channel partner status and a sales prospecting campaign…all executed on time and on budget to our satisfaction.

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